Dominika Dolata

Born '91, she graduated from the Faculty of Arts in Opole, with a degree in photography (2015).

I have had a passion for drawing since I was a child. In junior high school art was taught by my uncle, who pushed me in this direction. He encouraged me to apply to the Faculty of Art at the University of Opole, which I did, and I got in without any problems.

During my studies my favorite fields were painting and photography, which I took a diploma in at the end.
After graduation I bought a graphics tablet and decided to try my hand at computer graphics. Already during my studies I "abused" white color to isolate light in portraits, for which one of the professors reprimanded me. But that's how I liked it, and that's how it stayed - also in digital graphics.

Today this glow is something characteristic for my works. They are on the borderline between comic book and realistic representation. Additionally, it is typical for my works that the characters are almost always "dressed" in tattoos - I always choose works of artists that I know personally or appreciate very much.

Besides drawing characters I also do texturing of 3d models for the game/virtual world - IMVU. I have done a few official collaborations with the bosses in the USA - including the first big fashion show combining designers from the "real" world and those "online", which was highlighted in American Vogue.